Our goal is to reduce your healthcare costs! We do this by providing your company with a preemptive approach to health–expense management; an evidence-based population health strategy.

We will develop a comprehensive, individual health initiative created just for you by recognized health experts. Our evidence–based platform informs participating consumers or employees of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended screenings and examinations, behavioral risk needs and biometric values that are out of range. Recommendations educate employees on an individual–by–individual basis on how to achieve a better outcome and where to find the best local intervention.

Our comprehensive program consists of:

Data Collection

This important process established a baseline on the health of the company and provides a foundation against which outcomes are measured. This phase calculates biometric data, emotional health and readiness to change as ascertained by the Personal Health Survey, and risk-stratifies employees to identify and target high-risk individuals.

Employee Education

The road to health and well-being is a journey and takes commitment at all levels. Education helps employees understand biometric and survey results and how to address issues. This creates buy-in and personal ownership, which is pivotal to the success of the program. Each employee has his or her own Personal Health Portal to keep track of their information and progress toward goals. Employers can choose to have a wellness coach to work one-on-one with employees to discuss their Person Health Report, set goals, and hold them accountable for meeting those goals.

Aggregate Risk Analysis

Employers and benefit consultants see biometric and Personal Health Survey results only in the aggregate, in compliance with HIPAA regulations. The information gleaned from this report lays the foundation to build an evidence-based and cost-efficient initiative

Strategy Development

Discussion and strategy on the elements needed to improve the health of the employee population is based on the needs assessed in the Aggregate Analysis Report.

Results Tracking

The path to health, while targeted, is not straight and narrow. By offering year-over-year trending, employees can see their own improvement, and employers can review the changing health characteristics of its employee population, pinpointing any program gaps.

For more information about employer wellness and population help, or to set up an appointment, please contact Levi Smith.